City of New York Mills

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Public Works Department

The City's municipal water service has two wells with a pumping capacity of 240 gallons per minute.  The average demand is 130,000 gallons per day with a peak demand of 210,000 gallons per day. The elevated storage capacity is 150,000 gallons.  There are 521 connections to the municipal water system.
The City has a stabilization pond system with a treatment capacity of 380,000 gallons per day.  The average demand is 185,000 gallons per day with a peak demand of 230,000 gallons per day.  There are 520 connections to the sanitary sewer system.
The City owns and operates a natural gas utility with approximately 510 connections.
The City of New York Mills is provided electricity by Otter Tail Power.  The Country View Addition and surrounding  neighborhoods are served by Lake Region Electric Cooperative.